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Q*bert high score


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Since I’m into the TI, Q*bert is my absolute favorite game. It’s a pretty difficult game, I think, but not too difficult.

With some strategy and tactics, you quickly get better. However, to a certain degree, it also depends on luck, but I find it perfectly balanced.

I’ll place a picture of my high score, and I’m wondering what’s yours, if you’re playing Q*bert, that is.


For the ones with a fetish, I found some nice resources of Q*bert: :D

In this video, the player gets till level 3, to which I got a few times.

Although it’s not for the TI, here is a helpful FAQ:



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oh I like the 2nd movie here, showing all the variations :)

And the TI´s implementation is one of the nicest, really.


Oh, we played that game back in the days, in "the" coffee-house next to "a" school

And we did not went so often to "this" school, next to "our" coffee-house :)

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Yes indeed, especially the TI version I find so good, fast gameplay and response to the controls. The manual advices to turn the joystick 45 degrees to the left. May be obvious, but it definitely improves playability. ;)

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