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Minesweeper - game released


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Well, I didn't give it much thought. Got another label with a "© 2014". Thought there maybe had to be a "©" to let anyone know you're not supposed to copy it and sell it on eBay.




That will not stop anyone, sadly. At the very least it does show that a copyright applies. In the US, the mere act of creation implies a copyright, and with your thread here you can easily prove you created the program.



Copyright protects “original works of authorship” that are

fixed in a tangible form of expression. The fixation need not

be directly perceptible so long as it may be communicated

with the aid of a machine or device. Copyrightable works

include the following categories:


  1. literary works
  2. musical works, including any accompanying words
  3. dramatic works, including any accompanying music
  4. pantomimes and choreographic works
  5. pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works
  6. motion pictures and other audiovisual works
  7. sound recordings
  8. architectural works


These categories should be viewed broadly. For example,

computer programs and most “compilations” may be regis

tered as “literary works”; maps and architectural plans may

be registered as “pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works.



The © at least should serve as an indication to parties that the copyright is exercised in-force.


US Copyright circular 38A indicates that Denmark is a copyright treaty-country with the US, which, I believe, means you can go through WIPO to enforce a copyright in the US in the event of a violation.

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Regarding the Atariage bit... Does this website claim copyright over any works posted here?

The spaces between the symbol and AtariAge are perhaps not that visible anymore due to a few technicalities. Also other countries apart from Denmark and US are involved. There are inconstancies between label, cartridge, board and electronic parts. Some products or copyrights have not been made readily available or pursued. Also with this retro computing fun, stuff and size, I think fair use has come into play more than once.



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This cart runs on an unexpanded console... I'm willing to bet there is a good market for it out there... I have to remind myself from time to time that our networked community online here is not the totality of TI users.

Yea, well, I think the average retro guy, interested in the console and games, will be much more interested in getting a nanoPeb for his unexpanded console, - and then the 32K is already there, before beginning support of the homebrew niche (also because of relatively high price that may even just cover costs).



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As a side note on folks buying just cartridges for the unexpanded console, a few years ago, Competition Computers put up a few cartridges on eBay that they had made using original Funware parts--but programmed with software that Funware never actually released. They sold these cartridges from the mid-nineties up until about 2012 or so, for about $40 each. They sold pretty steadily during that time period, often to people who are not part of the core active community here. Apparently, there are still some folks out there that just want to play with their unexpanded console--and are interested enough to buy new software for it from time to time. We've actually pulled several people into the active community through accidental contacts with those folks.


There are definitely more out there with expanded systems too--I counted the number of CF7/NanoPEB devices sold about two years ago, and there were several hundred of them in circulation then. . .and PEBs sell pretty quickly too. Zach has sold something like 100 of them on eBay over the last three years. . .

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Cartridge has sold very well. Thank you so much. Next cartridge is making its way. ;)


Also thanks for all of the support, testing and feedback. Special thanks to Jim and Greg. Also thanks to TI, AA, Classic99, WinAsm99, MESS and Carlsberg. :)


The one page manual in post #115 has been updated slightly.





EA5 version:




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Nice review at TI-99/4A Game Shelf. Thanks. :)



While quite a familiar game, this version is the best I have seen to date for the TI 99/4A computer. Use your deductive skills with the help of numeric clues to locate and mark the hidden bombs on the grid. There are 3 different levels with increasing grid size. Beautiful presentation with uncluttered animation. An instant classic.

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hi, is there a possibility wo download, or just a video ?

The TI game version (refer to post #139 for downloads) has been converted to be capable of running in most browsers on desktop computers.




You could download the swf file (use developer tools or inspect element). Then you can play offline through a browser or with a standalone Flash Player Projector.





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