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ANTIC A.N.L.O.G. STart back issues for sale

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Hi fellow Atari Users!

I just gone through my collection and found a large number of duplicate issues. I've had no luck selling some on ebay, so I thought I might post what I have here.

All are in prettry good condition, except where noted. Nothing for the Smithoninian, but good reading copies. Perhaps something to fill out your collection. (I do know these are already online for reading, some of us still like paper)

I was thinking $2.00 each? less/more,what the market will bare? I don't know. PM me if your interested. Admin's if this is on the wrong place please move.

Here is what I have.


Summer 1987 VG-FN
Spring 87 VG-FN
Nov-88 folded cover
Feb-89 VG-FN
Special Issuie #2 VG-FN
Special Issuie #3 VG-FN


Dec-84 VG-FN
Jan-85 VG-FN
Feb-85 VG-FN
Jun-85 x 2, Good
Jul-85 VG-FN
Aug-85 VG-FN
Oct-85 VG-FN
Jan-86 VG-FN
Jul-86 VG-FN
Sep-86 VG-FN

Jan-84 No. 15 Faded on left cover, small tears
Mar-84 No. 17 loose cover
Jun-84 No. 19 Good
Jul-84 No. 20 Cover loose but attached
Sep-84 No. 22 fine
Oct-84 No. 23 Cover loose but attached
Nov-84 No. 24 Cover loose but attached
Dec-84 No. 25 Cover loose but attached
Apr-85 No. 29 Good
May-85 No. 30 loose cover, in half from back cover
Jun-85 No. 31 Very fine
Jul-85 No. 32 Very fine
Aug-85 No. 33 Good
Sep-85 No. 34 White pages, Good
Oct-85 No. 35 White pages, Good
Nov-85 No. 36 White pages,Cover loose but attached
Dec-85 No. 37 White pages, Very Fine

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