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Arcade/MAME HSC 8.1: Season Kickoff Doubleheader

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MAME ROMset: sinistar
Dip Switches: First Extra Ship At: 30000; Additional Extra Ship Point Factor: 30000;
Ships Per Game: 3; Difficulty of Play: 5; Continuous Fire: Yes


Week ends 8.24.15 @ noon EST



94,175 bubufubu

64,655 mr. toast

63,250 wolfman24

53,715 DonPedro
29,615 kane
24,765 jblenkle

20,565 roadrunner

15,810 bigbee99


Star Castle

MAME ROMset: StarCas
Dip Switches: Lives: 3


Week ends 8.24.15 @ noon EST



11,010 mr. toast

10,450 bubufubu

8,120 kane
7,480 DonPedro
5,220 jblenkle

5,190 wolfman24

4,690 bigbee99
2,850 roadrunner


Season Standings

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We're starting off the season with a couple of tough games. I'll be on vacation next week and not checking AA.


Here are the all time scores for these titles:


1. 339,430 patbb
2. 147,605 rmaerz
3. 107,270 keilbaca
4. 79,550 mr. toast
5. 44,115 retrorussel
6. 40,185 LarcenTyler
7. 39,865 M.A.M.E Offender
8. 32,075 Cynicaster
9. 27,935 ClassicGMR
10. 26,465 darthkur
11. 16,970 roadrunner


Star Castle
1. 21,990 rmaerz
2. 12,420 Cynicaster
3. 10,820 mr. toast
4. 9,590 M.A.M.E Offender
5. 6,080 patbb
6. 5,750 keilbaca
7. 3,540 LarcenTyler
8. 3,980 roadrunner


Watch this video here to learn how to play Star Castle. Note that you will need to play using buttons for your controls just like the arcade game:



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Sinistar: 53,085


post-41089-0-12899500-1439237950_thumb.png post-41089-0-16791900-1439237956_thumb.png



This is my first time playing the game. I had never heard of it before today. The Sinistar voice is awesome. I love hearing those quotes over and over. Adds to the satisfaction gotten from destroying him. That second stage after the warp seems brutal.

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Yes as I stated last year PLEASE POST THE TEXT OF YOUR SCORE. Looking at the screenshots posted so far it's really difficult to see the text in the image. And with some games (like Tron) it's difficult to make out what the scores are. YOU DON"T POST THE TEXT OF YOUR SCORE IT WON"T BE ADDED TO THE LEADERBOARD. I'll make sure that this is noted in the HSC rules.


Just a note on Sinistar: from my experience if you do not have a 49 way joystick (which is used on the arcade game) it's going to be difficult to get a high score. I have this on a MAME cabinet using an 8 way joystick and I was never able to score higher than 100K. Although my high score on the arcade cabinet itself is about 160K.


Also you can "point press" on the first screen: collect the maximum number of sinibombs (20), find Sinistar (if you unload a sinibomb it will travel in the direction Sinistar is located if he's not on your radar) and bomb him while he's still being built. I believe you collect 500 points for each piece of Sinistar you destroy. What I like to do is bomb Sinistar until I have between 12-14 sinibombs left and then I go collect more sinibombs. Rinse and repeat until Sinistar is built. Good luck on doing this on waves 2 and higher.


Regarding Star Castle: I know you watched my video :). First of all you need to make sure you are using the correct ROM set which is the "hard chip" ROM set. I played the "easy chip" at ReplayFX and put up over 40K before I voluntarily stopped playing.


Once you get up to about 14-15K on Star Castle you will need to use the flight pattern I show in the video. I would see this as almost impossible to do if you're using a joystick to control your ship. I know of only one gamer that was able to bounce off the rings going north/south the entire time and put up a score of 23K.

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Oh damn it's been a long time! Finally getting back into retrogaming, let's see if I can still do this...



Sinistar: 64,655

Using a keyboard, not a controller, so I can only go in 8 directions. Also got caught by Sinistar as the final sinibomb tracked down and hit him just before I got eaten. I don't think I lost a life for that.





Star Castle: 11,010





I might have time for improvement, but if not, at least I got these scores here. Excited to get back into the tournament!

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