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Genesis Stuck in Restart or Demo mode?


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I got my AV to composite cable and hooked my old Genesis 1 up to my TV and it does display video and sound. I can get my Sonic cartridge to start but it seems to be stuck in a restart or demo mode. The controller doesn't seem to do anything and Sonic starts running and jumping and then the game restarts in a different zone and Sonic starts running again. Should I clean the controller? What do you use to clean the rubber contacts and the contacts on the circuit boards? Alcohol? Is this a sign of a bigger problem on the console circuit board?


Thanks for any assistance.

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Yeah, sounds like a bad controller, or controller port on the genesis. I typically clean the controller pads/board with rubbing alchohol. Sometimes the plugs can be a little dirty, wouldn't hurt to spray wd-40 into the plug, then connect/disconnect it to the genesis numberous times and see if that does anything. Do you have another controller to test? Most common failure i see on those is the cable going bad from the stress of being pulled all over the place.


Also, if you have a 2 player game, you could try the controller in port 2 to see if you can do anything.

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