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The Official Intellivision LOOT BOX 2018 - coming soon sign up now


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For me Yes, Yes, & Yes! I thought it was really fun & a nice diversion from real life. Maybe we can just set some ground rules going forward to make it move faster. Everyone should really be able to go through and Mail it in 2 weeks. Maybe come up with a list of items not to put in it that are to common. And obviously come up with a weight/shipping method that works for everyone. International S+H does get a bit tricky but for US a combination of 1 or even 2 Flat Rate Priority Boxes should be manageable and keep S+H costs at $30 or so which I think is definitely worth it.

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It was fun! I found a couple of ROM variants. Poker & Blackjack tinkers w/ the card shuffling, and Armor Battle - can't recall what changed in there.

Picked out a few manual variants, too. And got one of Al's items, which was pretty cool - though I've not played yet.


If I can make it to PRGE I'll try to participate - though it then becomes time to wrack the brain for contributions.

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I truly enjoyed the grab bag. It was one of the highlights of 2017 for me. I especially liked the swag- pins, buttons, flyers, stickers, pencils- the little stuff that makes the hobby more fun. I know I made a few people happy and confused one person. Overall a good experience.

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What's different about this Loot Crate, or is it pretty much the same as the grab bag? I'd be interested if it's different, but if it's the same by another name I'll give others who didn't get a go at the grab bag a chance first.

It’ll be somewhat different.

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Ugh. I feel for those of you signing up. Clearly this is just another of Revs schemes to send nudes of himself to Inty fans. Will we never learn?


Wont they be surprised when they finally open it up and its pics of you and m-crew in weird positions?

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