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SpiceWare's Blog - Overscan Jitter 2, DPC+ Jitter


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I think the overscan jitter changes are finished. The prior build was done using an older version of Stella's source. I've updated to the latest version and migrated my changes over to it.

Change currentFrameBuffer

    // Derived from the difference between the scanline counts of the    // current and prior frames.  If non-zero the next frame should jitter.    Int32 myNextFrameJitter;      // jitter amount for the current frame    Int32 myCurrentFrameJitter;

Add new variables to the initialization list:
  // Recalculate framerate. attempting to auto-correct for scanline 'jumps'  if(myAutoFrameEnabled)

and add this directly above it
case 0x00: myFractionalCounters[index] = (myFractionalCounters[index] & 0x0F0000) | ((uInt16)value << ; break;

to this:
;        break;

Test build of Stella for OS X with the above changes applied:
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