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Retro-bit Controller Adapter and Stella Mac OSX Configuration?


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Well, I just finished putting in 3 hours with my son trying to configure this adapter to use my old 2600 joysticks so we could play Freeway, Frogger, etc on a Macintosh. I could get one player to move up and down. That is all. I even tried installing and configuring USB Overdrive. FYI, we tried it with our Power64 Commodore64 emulator and could only jump and move right (I know it's unrelated, but I felt like mentioning it).


Has anyone out here successfully used this thing with Stella 4 on Mac OS 10.6.8?







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I would be interested if your USB-Joystick adapter is working with another emulator.


If it is not too much hassle and if you have a "native windows environment" running (or virtualised windows on a MacBook)

can you try your joysticks using the TI-99/4A emulator - Classic99: http://www.harmlesslion.com/zips/classic99.zip


Goto Options>Options>Joystick to configure both joysticks !


Then select Game, like TI Invaders, or Parsec and test if everything works okay

(there are many many other games available for TI, including Frogger, TI Toad, Princess and the Frog)

more modules are here: ftp://ftp.whtech.com/Cartridges/rpk/


PS/3 Joysticks - I am using USB-joysticks like these pictures, and all works wtih the emulator:





I have ordered this package from Germany:



The problem is that I did not get it and no reaction from their company, maybe because of this:


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