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Space Frenzy video playing with VecVoice


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I made a quick video recording of the gameplay of Space Frenzy for the Vectrex using the AtariVox+ in VecVoice mode. The overlay is Minestorm. The video is portrait oriented.

There are not enough videos showing the AtariVox+ speaking!


The game is available to order at: www.packratvg.com


(It looks better on YouTube if you choose 480p)


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I noticed another thing with the built-in speech samples of Space Frenzy.


My original Vectrex (Hong Kong) doesn't play the speech samples, they can only be faintly heard if the sound is all the way up.

My re-capped Vectrex (Taiwan) plays the speech sampes very loud.

My Canadian Vectrex (Hong Kong) plays the speech samples very loud.

My backup Vectrex (Hong Kong, earlier serial number than my original) does not play them loud, same as my original.

My oops I actually won that auction Vectrex (Hong Kong, late serial number) does play the speech samples loud.

Vectorgamer's Vectrex (Hong Kong) doesn't play the speech samples very loud (if I remember correctly.


Conclusion. Older original systems do not play the sound samples properly, later model and Taiwan models do play the sound samples correctly.

I wonder why? The Canadian model, like the Euro MB models, doesn't have "Entertaining New Ideas" on the start screen, and it 1983 rather than the 1982 on the original models. Maybe it is a bios issue?


Post your experience / model if you have Space Frenzy.

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