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Season 13 Round 6 - RC Pro-Am


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Welcome to round 6 of the 13th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!


This round we are playing RC Pro-Am. I will take this opportunity to get some free advertising for my RC Pro-Am Retrospective, which gets shamefully low views considering how awesome of an episode it was.


This round ends on Sunday, August 23rd.


Adding an extra week since I started this round late.

Title: RC Pro-Am
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: February 1988
Rules: Don't drive drunk. Bernie says "Think before you drive."

Scores So Far

Current Standings


1. bubufubu 90

2. DonPedro 77
3. S.BAZ 56
4. Jibbajaba 49
5. darthkur 45
6. roadrunner 36
7. jblenkle 32
8. AlexKIDD 22
9. asponge 20
9(t). Retrogamer81081 20
10. atari2600land 18
11. cparsley 15

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Great video. I wasn't a super huge NES fan, but I had one, and I had this game and later got the Gameboy version. They have been in my rotation for those consoles ever since. I didn't have a chance to play RC II until recently in emulation, and I hadn't heard about the Genny version until your video.


I think that I have only once played through all of the tracks in the original game without running out of continues. Eventually, you start over at track 1. There were two points where the game became extremely difficult. The first point was somewhere around track 14, you need to start avoiding picking up bombs. You'll have to have a specific strategy for the tracks to avoid this as they are placed in such a way that you'll get them and be unable to switch back to missiles for 3 or 4 critical tracks. The strategizing should be familiar because you'll need to do that at other points to avoid oil slicks that ruin your race.


The other very difficult point is after you get the most advanced car (the 3rd one I believe) you are going to face stiff competition. They throw a few 5 and 6 lap races at you that are just killer if you haven't gotten the car in time to have it upgraded. I believe at one point I took notes, and I would quit the game if I didn't have what I considered enough upgrades before like track 22 or 23. Another option is to avoid collecting the letters and upgrading your car until after this point (the 6 lap race).


BTW, I totally agree with your assessment of the plane and bombs in RC II. I think the trick with the plane is to have enough nitros to basically stay in 1st and directly under the plane. Then it bombs the other racers and you don't have to weave (as much). I think if you are really good at switching between the unmarked "lanes" on the track, you can also avoid the bombs by switching between the two inner lanes, but that takes practice.


If we lived close, I would totally come over and play this with ya Jibba!

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post-41089-0-67900900-1439433679_thumb.png post-41089-0-44377900-1439433707_thumb.png



I decided to include a "Trophy Room" shot for the hell of it. I had a feeling my number was going to be up soon. This was my progress through Level 10. As you can see, I'm not good at this game. The handling is so loose and I just couldn't find a successful comfort zone.


I was trying to get a run started where I finished in 1st place on Levels 1-3, but I kept screwing up the "NINTENDO" bonus in those runs. I'm pretty sure this is it for me, so good luck to the rest of you.

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I know it's a little annoying when someone comes along who never plays the game and submits scores, but I can't really resist this one. I've been playing this a lot in RareReplay but this was my first try in Fceux





It's not annoying at all. You should join us more often.

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Switched to original hardware!






FYI, I've been letting the timer run out on my first loss and just starting again from first track. However, you could also build a substantial score from a continue by cashing in letters early. I noticed no rules posted, so I assume everything is ok except emulator enhanced options and cheats.

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Lots of new players this week.


wongojack 197,571 +25

SiLic0ne t0aD85 93,733 +18

S.BAZ 92,314 +15

bigbee99 91,118 +12

Retrogamer81081 77,032 +10

bubufubu 74,426 +8

roadrunner 32,540 +6

DonPedro 28,667 +4

darthkur 10,066 +2

jblenkle 6,873 +1


1. bubufubu 98

2. DonPedro 81

3. S.BAZ 71

4. Jibbajaba 49

5. darthkur 47

6. roadrunner 42

7. jblenkle 33

8. Retrogamer81081 30

9. wongojack 25

10. AlexKIDD 22

11. asponge 20

12. SiLic0ne t0aD85 18

12. atari2600land 18

14. cparsley 15

15. bigbee99 12

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