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Which 5200 emulator works well with Win7


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Most of the post concerning emulation for the 5200 appear to be very dated. Could anybody recommend an emulator that works well with Windows 7? If their are multiple options I would like the one that is the simplest for a non-tech guy like me to install and use.




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I would like to suggest Altirra. Admitedly, I have really only used it for it's XL/XE capabilities, but it is a top notch emulator. I would be surprised if it's 5200 emulation wasn't equally as good. Altirra works great on Windows 7.

I just starting using it on Windows 7 (never used it before) and I haven't had any problems other than how unintuitive the software can be.

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Yeah I like Altirra and I use it on Windows 8. i had issues with other emulators with the sound etc. but Altirra works great. It is a little unituitive sometimes for 5200 stuff. Just some quicky guides


1. System -> Hardware -> "5200"
2. File -> boot image, then select game. It will come up with a "Cartridge Mapper".. usually the first or 2nd will work. If not, try again
3. Input -> Input Mappings -> Select "Keyboard -> 5200 Controller (Port 1)", then select click "quick map". With the mappings in there. I found that the f2, f3, keys didn't work for what it was supposedly mapped to (start & pause) so I had to edit to make the start button something else like the Tab key, and that worked for games like Joust, etc. . Also I had to figure out the "-" and "=" keys are the * and # keys on the 5200 joystick.
4. full screen = ALT-ENTER.. and of course the other video options in the menu.
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