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Soulbuster's Non-Variant List of Homebrew Games Released

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That is too far into variants Mike.

I own Sacred Tribe and stopped before limited and GOY edition.

I own the game and I feel off-shoots shouldn't count.



SoulBuster has the games single time in the list but adds the variants to them. Look at the list.


btw. the Limited Edition is the first run of the game, the GOTY version the second run. There is no normal version. ;)

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Ok that's all fine.

I quit keeping up with the list then,too pricey for me!


This lS the non-variant list. He is just showing that there ARE variants but that any of them count (I think). I have a personal list showing all of the variants I can find as individual items.

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To me, those have always been the "normal" and the "budget" edition, respectively. I know that CollectorVision came up with some "clever" marketing names for them, but I still find it disingenuous to include a single overlay in a cheap box and call it "normal."



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My unsolicited opinion is that this does not belong on Soulbuster's list. It is not a new game, nor is it a cartridge containing a previously unreleased​ title. This one is using ​original cartridges​ so it's not even a "new burn". (Not sure about the manuals.) I don't recall the criteria that qualify or disqualify something from the list.


This is Soulbuster's list, so it goes by his rules.

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It is the original cartridges......


And I don't think it can be called "Home-brew"



Exactly! Therein lies the debate...


Let's break down what we know...


These are original production carts and manuals.

They are being issued by the direct descendant of the original company: Mattel Electronics > Intellivision Inc. > INTV Corp. > Intellivision Productions > Blue Sky Rangers, Inc.

That same group contracted for new packaging for this release.


Given all that, I think we have to look at these as another box variant of an official release. Much like Mattel Math Fun vs. Intellivision Inc. Math Fun.

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