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Soulbuster's Non-Variant List of Homebrew Games Released

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Hey could we add the year to the info on Post Apocalypse games... It would be nice to have the year of release in the Master List.




Actually yeah. I'd love a list sorted by year. I think it's safe to say that there are more releases with every year, but... by how much?


I will figure something out after PRGE.

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I think these years are accurate:


4-Tris (Philly Classic 2001, White Box 2001, IntelligentVision 2005, Left Turn Only 2007)

Stonix 2004

Minehunter (IntelligentVision 2004, Elektronite 2012)

Same Game & Robots (2005, updated 2012)

League of Light 2005

Robot Rubble 2005

Space Patrol (2008, new shell 2012)

Donkey Kong Arcade (IntelligentVision 2011, DK Arcade Elektronite 2012)

Rocky and Bullwinkle 2011

Adventures of Tron 2011

Yogi's Frustration 2011

Spina the Bee 2012

D2K Arcade 2012

Illusions 2012

King of the Mountain 2012

Super NFL Football 2012

Flintstones Keyboard Fun 2012

Christmas Carol Ghost of Christmas Presents 2012

Scarfinger 2012

Choplifter 2012

Deep Pockets Super Pro Pool & Billiards 2012

Match 5 2013

Super Chef BurgerTime 2013

Super Pro Tennis 2013

Paddle Party 2013

Old School 2014

Mouse Trap 2014

Space Raid 2014

Sydney Hunter 2014

Blix 2014

Ms Night Stalker 2014

Magic Carousel 2014

Space Cant 2014

Lost Caves of Kroz 2014

Ms Pac Man 2015

Princess Quest 2015

Flapee Bird 2015

Game Factory 2015

Boulder Dash 2015

Copter Command 2015

Brickout 2015

Piggy Bank 2015

BC's Quest for Tires 2015

Number Jumble 2015

Takeover 2015

Missile Domination 2015

Land Battle 2015

D2K Special Edition 2016

Super Mine-Field 2016

Hard Hat 2016

Space Cadet 2016

Blow Out 2016

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Thank you to list's mantainer and contributors.




I agree. I don't like too many pinned threads but I think this one is useful (more than other pinned topics IMHO).

Not to take away from soulbusters list....but take a look here for a list that shows the variants and other released items. :-)



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