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Zelda Themed Custom Emulation Box


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Recently I bought a Raspberry Pi 2 model B to play around with for emulation. I got one on Amazon for $50 with an ac adapter and a small plastic enclosure. I dug up an old 4 gb micro sd card and ordered some ibuffalo USB Controllers (Super Famicom and Famicom style). After trying different OS's I discovered Recalbox which was easy to set up and had easy to configure multiple controller support.


It all worked great, but the Raspberry Pi looked way too plain. Since my wife and I were already doing a Zelda themed bathroom remodel we decided to build a Zelda themed custom emulator box.


After much dremelling, sanding, wood cutting, painting, varnishing, and gluing, this is what we came up with:




I also attached a few pictures here, but the album will give you a better idea of the project.


The lid can prop up to display the rupees and custom made 8 bit heart. We added ports for HDMI, USB, and Micro USB for power.


If anybody is interested, we have some materials left over to build a few more. The box could be either the painted version or the wood burned stained version. The themed box with the ports installed would be $80. It involved a surprising amount of labor to get everything right. Profit for us would be around $35 after materials and wires. I could also pick up the raspberry pi, micro sd card, and controllers and configure/install them at cost.


We had fun making them and wouldn't mind building more if anybody would like one. We are also looking at different themes/designs since the raspberry pi is so versatile.


Let me know what you think, and PM me if you want one! I'll post in the Marketplace if there is sufficient interest in the project.







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