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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (NES)


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I finally decided to try this one because it's so infamously bad and difficult. Anyone who watches Angry Video Game Nerd knows what I mean.


It's not as bad as it's reputation, but it has issues. I was kind of enjoying it up to stage 4 before finally giving up. There's some satisfaction in making progress as Dr. Jekyll and the Mr. Hyde stages are fun and easy as long as you have enough health. There's a little bit of strategy involved. Sometimes you want to become Mr. Hyde on purpose to restore your health or to get more coins to get past the opera lady.


As for the negatives, ummmm... Controlling Jekyll is sluggish to the point where I think it is impossible to make progress when the game wants you dead. It's not so bad in the first three stages. By the fourth stage the difficulty can be ridiculous. Enemies seem random. Sometimes you'll get easier groups of enemies so that you can make a lot of progress. Other times that bomb guy keeps showing up as other people keep ramming into you, making it supremely difficult or even impossible to move forward. It's so annoying to get far in a level and then have to start back at the beginning because of that crap. If you want to beat this game, you need to keep continuing and hope to catch a break, which requires the patience of a saint. Or you can do the sane thing and turn it off and do something else.


AVGN made the bombs seem unavoidable. They're not. Maybe they get worse later in the game, but I was about to dodge by going up to him and then jumping a few spaces to the left. Of course you'll need enough room to do this. When he keeps coming back and you're dealing with other enemies, it's a pain in the butt.






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