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ARNE - Jäger des Jags

Der Luchs

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Arne is a member of this Forum as well, up to him if he wants to show who he is ;)


I was thinking this way: I need a main-character for my 8-Bit Collection, something

like Mario/Sonic... So I said to Arne: "Congrats! You are now a Video game character" ^^


I think it's cool to pick up a real person, who's into retro gaming and supporting his fav.

console. Like I did before with VectrexRoli, who has become a character in one of my Vectrex


Only the supporters will let this old consoles live on, so why don't take one of them to give something back? ;)

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Jagaur Hunter? it makes me think of the Space invaders I played on my first 1998 iMac: shooting not on ET but on PC computers and Windows logo...I am sure some would love to shoot at a breaker of Jaguar and Jag CD ^^

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Lots of meta-levels, layer on layer to unveil like an onion. In the end, you realize you have played yourself playing a jaguar player in a jaguar game hunting jaguars... that's cool, the closest we can get to the Jaguar Virtual Reality without the need of an extremely rare VR-helmet.

Look forward for more info!

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