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Or rather, the bag is in it. I worked on Nice Ice 2 again tonight. It took a couple of hours to do, but I finally put Santa's Magic Unfillable Presents Bag in the game. Each time you start the game, the bag is in a different location chosen randomly. Up next, I will put the Incredible Upside-Down Candy Cane in the game (just between you and me, it's just a white J character.) And then after that, I will hide Santa himself in the game. And then I will work on collision detection. Right now if you touch the bag, nothing happens. When I am finished with it, I would like the bag to go down to the bottom and have a noise put in for grabbing it. Which, thinking about the code now, would mean I would have to switch characters and make the bag character 2 instead of 0 and switch character 1 (which would be the candy cane) to 3. And then I would have to put in logic to make it so the candy cane and the bag aren't in the same room together. I want to finish this by the holiday season as a present for all. Whether it will be released or not is a separate thing. Halloween is my target completion date. I've used up 1,142 bytes so far, so I think I can fit what I want to have done in here. It took another several minutes to get rid of the character when Blitzen moved into another room once he found the bag.

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