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Unreleased Taito console?

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I have always known about several unreleased and / or vaporware consoles and hardware but I recently stumbled onto this one I had never heard of and so for any of you who are interested in such things and might not know check it out. Here is a link to the story ( an Interview with Yukiharu Sambe, R&D manager of the unreleased Taito WOWOW ) on Unseen 64's site -



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Not ASCII alone; Microsoft was partnering. Basically a first try at getting control of a standard like Windows would become a decade later.



Didn't know about the Taito console. I do know Konami worked on one though. Suikoden was apparently started as a game for that system, and later remodeled when it was cancelled.


EDIT: Misleading how Taito showed sprites from later arcade games to promote the system. According to the engineer responsible he clearly aimed at early 80ies games with small sizes.

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