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High Score Competition (August: Battlot)


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12 hours ago, Count9929A said:

In the end I prefer playing with keyboard, I am slower but more precise. The caves are dangerous, I try to avoid them


I can definitely see the appeal of keyboard myself, yeah.  Though I've gone back and forth.  But in a game where one missed input can and will kill you in no time flat, having precision is at a premium. 

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  • OLD CS1 changed the title to High Score Competition (August: Lobster Bay)
5 hours ago, globeron said:


@arcadeshopper  Hi Greg, can you help to update the 1st entry?  (see the formatted table a few posts ago). Thanks !


This is the updated word version:





done in the future just pm me  so as to not clutter the topic

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On 7/24/2021 at 1:13 PM, globeron said:

Thanks for sharing, I did not know that!    but  my beta has the broken C symbol, however the caveman looks better than in this version ?  (in Classic99)

Besides enemies sprites, has anyone noticed other differences between the released version (good C symbol and monochrome enemies) and the beta (bad C symbol and multicolor enemies)? In particular, what about gameplay?

For the July's compo I have only played the released version

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If you are too late to capture the high score, then in the next game after "game over" you can see the High again... luckily.


In the scene to shoot the fish I somehow only get points when shooting the green coloured ones. (Is there another version to get points for black, white, blue)? Played on js99er.net


Score 29900



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On 8/4/2021 at 5:31 AM, pixelpedant said:

No first-party manual or materials, since it's an unreleased title which was recovered as source code.  Look forward to figuring it out, where strategy and gameplay are concerned. 

I read the story of the discovery of the source code by Toucan. But then it seems that Toucan produced a cart and spread it. Has anybody the actual source code of the game? Would be interesting to look at it!

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2 hours ago, Count9929A said:

This is a very Fun game!! ?

For now, it's by far my favorite Funware title (I have only seen Cave creatures and St Nick).

In the bonus screen I think that the green small fishes are worth 500 points, while the other green ones are worth 400.



(Other Funware titles are also good: Driving Demon, Schnoz-ola, Ambulance, 20210821_173016.thumb.jpg.acbd1a3d94fad3aab67f11ae93e7fa64.jpgHen House).  Pipes i probably never seen





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  • OLD CS1 changed the title to High Score Competition (August: Battlot)

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