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High Score Competition (August: Battlot)


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3 hours ago, ti99iuc said:

At least I have also seen original Thorn-Emi cartridges for TI99 of the Submarine Commander and River Rescue but I consider them as prototype and very rare, maybe the only one copy I ever seen around internet. Them was also a kind of sidecar cartridges (connecting in the expansion port of the TI99 and not in the standard cartridge slot).

there is also this additional thread in AA you can read:

More forgotten knowledge.

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Let's do a double game again (similar like Frogger / TI-Toad in May 2017)


I cannot believe that we did not do a Car Wars competition before, it was one of my first modules we had as a kid.



This time from one war to the other war:


1. Car Wars (PHM 3054) and @Compucar (German clone of Car Wars, but the cars add dots as well)


2. Score. We count the Car Wars score first as highest score   and @compu-car as second competition for fun.

    (Highest on Car Wars was 121,000)


3. Files:

    Disk version: CAR.dsk

    (see instructions below how to load the files)


    Finalgrom Car Wars:phm3054G.BIN


    Finalgrom: (maybe someone can make a .bin version)



2. Editor/Assembler module


        (after the 3 files are loaded)  enter "CARWARS"  

        then in the menu option 3.


3. Editor/Assembler module option 3 - Load and Run.


    once loaded press enter

    type "COMPO"  to start the game.




Texas Instruments Ti-99/4a Car Wars Game Cartridge PHM 3054 for sale online  | eBay











Historical Car Wars - High Scores: 


Mar 1983



Nov 1982



Jan 1983




Apr 1983



Jun 1983




Aug 1983





Sep 1983





Nov 1983





Vol1. No6



YN 11/93



Car Wars



(5th board with 3 computer cars)
























(13th level)








































(kid 36,630)

Ed McNair (Brandon, FL)


Scott Savage



Daryl Henry (of Sardis, BA, Canada)



Glynn Johnson (Houston, TX)


Brian Klamik (Riverside, IL)



Janie Reddington (Palatine, IL)




David Trost (St. Louis, MO)




Ron L. Walters (Brandenburg, KY)




Joe Dyleski



Jim Wayne

















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  • OLD CS1 changed the title to High Score Competition (October: Car Wars & Compu-Car)
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When I gave it a try, I remembered that back in the 80s I learned a kind of "brake melody" that brings you safely through the first screen. That is, when I started to remember the first lane switches, that long buried "melody" emerged from a dusty part of my brain, and I managed to finish the screen.


Edit: Not a "brake melody" but a "squealing tire melody".

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  • OLD CS1 changed the title to High Score Competition (August: Battlot)

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