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High Score Competition (July: Midnight/Midnite Mason)


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Thanks guys :) I really did not think I would be the winner this month...

In any case, I have decided to spare you the agony of Video Chess and chose instead Crossfire by Sierra. It's a pretty tough game that requires very quick reflexes and a good joystick, but I do enjoy it very much. I really wish it had made it to cartridge...

The prize for the winner will be announced as soon as I am back from Chicago.

Gentlemen, man your joysticks!


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I really wish it had made it to cartridge...



Hmmm... good idea! What's the procedure to turn an E/A 5 program into a .BIN anyway? Is there a step-by-step process for idiots, uh ignorant newbies? It might be fun to put this into a chip for the duration of the contest.



** EDIT **

Now that I think about it, I believe Crossfire was on one of Gazoo's multi-games cartridges. When I get more time I'll have to find which one and download the image and burn it.

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