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High Score Competition (July: Midnight/Midnite Mason)


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Tricky game! I'll get us started then with a rather unimpressive 1660. :)




This game confirms that I'm bad at games :) On my first play I got 680, then my score went down by about half each time.


Are there levels to this game? If you kill a monster do they come back randomly, or do you have to clear them all before they come back?

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I stopped going backwards, but not at Iwantgames level yet...


1340, is my best so far...


So, this game, Cross Fire, says it is from Sierra On-Line. I was surprised, I only new them from their later PC publications.


And then there is the sound effects... Which game did these originate in? The obvious answer would be Tombstone City as the source was shipped with Editor Assembler, but obvious isn't always correct...



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No, I can't say what I'm thinking, even behind this little hide-a-thingy..... :mad:












































































Just kidding!


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I have an original TI pre-production copy of this cartridge (it has the final GROMs but no label). That was as far as it made it in the original production cycle before TI pulled the plug. As mine was part of the Qualification run to verify that everything worked as planned on the assembly line, there were probably between 50 and 100 of them made. Based on some information published BITD by the old IUG, every copy of it that TI had was bought by the IUG and sold to their members. Of those, mine is the only one I've ever seen surface in the 31 years since that IUG announcement in early 1984. The code that has been in circulation since 1984 or so was on one of the disks of never-released TI software. . .

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