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High Score Competition (July: Midnight/Midnite Mason)


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2 hours ago, globeron said:

66,590 level 46, keys (E,S,D,X and Q for jump). Retrobat/Mame64


It started to repeat itself and got more 1-ups during the game.  I was able to jump over the red bomb.  





Yeah, It's only the 4th of the month and the game is as good as over now. I should probably have chosen something else, it was either Ascend or West Bank and I made a snap decision. I'll still have a go at beating your score few times tho, I may get lucky. 🤩 Congratulations @globeron How long did it take you to complete these 46 levels?

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All TI-99/4A "High Score Competition" FinalGrom format files grouped per year together until August 2023. 



Apparently these games we played 2 times: 

    * Centipede (2nd session - mizapf), 

    * Spot-Shot (DragonFlyer) (2nd session - Jwild),

    * Cave Creatures (1st session - Opry99er).


Tutankam - could not get it to work in Finalgrom (but works in Classic99).


Adventure requires access to a disk drive (or tape) with the Pirate Adventure game  (or use an emulator like Classic99, JS99er, MAME, etc.)


Tetris and Major Tom need to be loaded with Editor / Assembler option 5 from a disk (or use an emulator)


Compu-Car only after the 1st game the sprites are a bit corrupted, after game over, the next game onwards the sprites are okay

(I converted to a module, but that time I could not find the right starting point). 


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6 hours ago, globeron said:

 does the one in the .zip file work?  if so then I need to check again, otherwise need to locate a better .bin  (I had a similar issue with Buck Rogers, but found a working one)

Good question.  I think I got mine from the original thread in which it was discovered.  I will go back through this thread later today and check it out.

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19 hours ago, OLD CS1 said:

Good question.  I think I got mine from the original thread in which it was discovered.  I will go back through this thread later today and check it out.


I cannot Edit my original post anymore (after a while that option is gone, but:


Tutankam, it actually works I just tested it with only a FinalGrom plugged in (and removed the Speech and  PEB Box)


There are two versions of the start blue titlescreen (option 2).  One is "Parker Brothers' Game"   the other one "Tutankam"

image.thumb.png.29c440668653e8c1ab9de5adb5f796c5.png    image.thumb.png.5445558b33dda2f13f48568e85b29236.png



(I found the answer back in my own post that time 🙂 )


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Ok, I've changed strategy to beat the high score: 86910 points! 🙂 

The joypad is configured with the left/right triggers for 7/9 keys, while the LB/RB buttons are both associated to key 8. With BT there is the disadvantage of some additional latency, but sometimes it can save you from a too fast incorrect shoot. With the keyboard I'm starting to get cramps to fingers after some minutes, so the joystick is more relaxing from me. While you guys now are busy to beat the 87K score, I'll experiment with an arcade joystick (with cable) to see if it's better. 🙂 


@globeron, @Smoker Ace any chance to have you competing also with this great game? 🙂 



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