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High Score Competition (July: Midnight/Midnite Mason)


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2x 10 minutes. High 2,120. Hmm ...



Softline called Crossfire "a new twist on arcade games with delightfully colorful beasties and smooth animation", which "offers hours of challenge and enjoyment for the dedicated and persevering gamester". BYTE called Crossfire "one of the most difficult and challenging arcade games to play ... The reflexes take a long time to master, but, once you get the hang of it, it's addictive". PC Magazine‍ '​s review was less favorable, calling the alien-attack scenario overused. It described the IBM PC version's graphics as "adequate, but nothing spectacular", and the controls as imprecise and inelegant. In March 1983, the Atari 400/800 version of Crossfire received a Certificate of Merit in the category of "Best Arcade/Action Computer Games" at the 4th annual Arkie Awards, however reviews for other versions were mixed. Ahoy!‍ '​s review was critical, stating "come now, do we really need a bare bones grid shooting game (the VIC graphics are absolutely starved), with no character or atmosphere?". InfoWorld was more positive regarding the IBM PCjr version, describing it as "an engrossing waste of time". The Addison-Wesley Book of Atari Software 1984 gave the game an overall B+ rating, calling it "one of the best strategy shoot-'em-ups to come along in a long while ... it remains tough, and one that you won't tire of easily."

I seem to remember playing something similar, and I'm not sure it was Crossfire on the C64.


Like quite a few TI games from back then, the flow, control and implementation are a bit ... sluggish and frustrating. But like any XB game (I know this is not) then even more sluggish collision detection, sometimes even in your favour, - well, you can get used to it, work with it, master it or - throw it against the wall.


Sometimes when I fire, and I hear the firing sound, nothing shows up and nothing is hit. Also the player moves too slow for me to get in and dig. I will probably give it a go a few times before the end of the month.



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Yea, I found that patterns do emerge and you have pseudo-control of those patterns based on how you move your ship... I found one method that helps me manage "doubles" (2 enemies emerging onto your 'plane' at the same time and coming from the same direction.


That is the killer, when two enemies are stacked on top of each other and are more than 3 blocks away. You will inevitably die if you cannot manage that scenario.

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The gameplay is surprisingly addictive... When the game-over screen pops up, it puts you RIGHT back in the action so it is hard to stop playing. I have enjoyed this game much more than I expected to after my first play.


Good selection, Vorticon!!!

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