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High Score Competition (July: Midnight/Midnite Mason)


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March 2024  

Next Hi-Score competitions:


The Mine:

It looks like there are 25 rooms to complete.


* RPK - themine.rpk

* bin -  themine.bin

Disk (90kb SS/SD):





via module Editor Assembler - Option 3:   

* Load and Run filename: DSK1.LOADMINE

* Press Enter

* Program name: LOAD 



The Mine 













and more!









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I actually bought an original disk of this one BITD while I was in Germany. . .along with Freddy. Each original was identified by a serial number, and if the game detected the disk was a copy during play, it would stop the game after a while and flash "Raubkopie" on the screen. . .some enterprising soul eventually disabled that little code snippet, but it was interesting that it let you play long enough to really want an uncrippled version of the game.

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On 3/11/2024 at 2:26 PM, mizapf said:

Play The Mine with background music or not? 🤪

7400 with 2 rooms complete.😜


I say play the game with music on for at least a couple of the rooms LOL then you can turn it down.

Good luck for anyone hoping to complete all 25 rooms, then apparently there are more 'levels' after.... hahaha




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Here are two options; I could not decide for either one. So which one would you prefer?


1. CUBIT (Q*Bert clone)



P.S.: I'll toss a coin if there is no clear preference.



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