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High Score Competition (July: Midnight/Midnite Mason)


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Here's a tactic you can use, finbulvetr...



Pick a "home base" spot... I like to start directly underneath the bottom right arrows block. Hang out there for the most part. You can time when the baddies will be hitting your row and jack em up. You will have to move eventually, but usually not until you need to reload or until you hit the second level. I am usually well over a thousand points by that time.

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I also very much enjoy this game, although it is not in my top 5 TI games.


There is one game.... I wanted to start off the competition with it but thought that the first ever competition game should be well known and widely owned on cart... To set the tone and bring in as many players as possible.


This game will certainly be the next game I bring to the table if I can ever win against you serious gamers. :)


I will reserve the name of it for now... But you will all know it soon enough. ;)

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