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High Score Competition (July: Midnight/Midnite Mason)


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Tursi, I have noticed a problem with the arrow key usage on my system... Not sure if it is Classic99 or what, but sometimes, when starting a level, MM freezes up when I hit a wall while the rest of the game continues. I have to click off of the window (pausing when inactive) and then click back on the window to restart the stick emulation. Ever seen this before?


Have not noticed that. That sounds like the keyboard state becoming inconsistent. What is your joystick configuration in the options menu? Do you have any utilities on the machine that might be popping up windows elsewhere? Do you see this with any other titles? (I see you say arrow keys are the keys you are using, which is the same as I used).


To help troubleshoot, next time it sticks, hit enter instead of changing focus, and see if it makes a difference. Also try disabling "pause when inactive" - I don't use that and it may be contributing if anything else takes focus, even very briefly. (It is supported, this is just to test if it's involved.)

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Thanks Tursi.... Will do!


My score for this afternoon was right at 30,000, so no need to post pic, as it is below my current posted best. :)


I had a chance to buy an aftermarket USB Playstation controller at a pawn shop yesterday for $15. I passed though.


Maybe I should go back and get it... Might help my score.

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This is the last one 153840 (17 days to go then it is 31st of August 2015)

I am done for the weekend


If you can get to that score playing the normal way by eating the hoonos then you certainly can top my 250K score if you use my method. I stink at munchman and still got through all 60 levels. The reason this works is because they are further away from you when the power dot (Texas) wears off and you have a little more time to finish up and get to the next corner. The points accrue slower, but you almost never die. Early on you should be eating hoonos; the trick is developing a feel for what stage of the game to start avoiding them.

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Can't do it without joysticks and mine are broken. It'll be enough to see someone else top my score!


Hi Senior_falcon: There are alternatives, no excuses (just kidding), 250.000 we want to see it!

Video -> TI-99/4 and /4A Joysticks (Wired and Wireless)


but honestly it is quite painful on the hands (blisters) / fingers (numb) playing both using Joysticks (even with the Suzo The Arcade one)

as with the keyboard. Opry99er do you provide insurances for all the people in the competition?


I am only hoping that the next game will not be "Sports" (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/239512-ti-sports-game/)

(great game by Rasmus and luckily it is only 100m, but to do a 1600m... like in Decathlon?

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Well, you do not have to post your scores if you do not wish to...But I MAY throw a twist in the works on this, the first month of gaming competition...


Ahh hell, here we go...


For everyone who plays and posts a screenshot of their score, I will be assigning a number to your name and will run a random number generator program in XB to grab an integer. The name assigned to the random number which gets randomly selected will receive a consolation prize... I will post a picture of said prize when I get home this evening. :)


Little motivation for you fellas...

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Thank You! Thank You! It's nice to know I'm not alone! :roll:

I've been trying for days now, despite I'm playing on the real iron, and with a fantastic joystick, I just can't break the 50k.

That might seem high from a 10k perspective, but what about the 160k from globeron?!

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My best ever was 86,000 and some change. I know because I have it written down in my "TI HIGH SCORES" book at home. That was done on real iron with a Wico ball joystick.


I can't seem to get half that using arrow keys on my PC in emulation though... Props to the high scorers so far... You guys are freaks.

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