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High Score Competition (July: Midnight/Midnite Mason)


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August 2015 High Score Competition Summary:



We had some great scores on Munchman this month... Many folks participated, but very few joined the Munchman 100,000 point club. Thank you all for playing and joining in the fun.



100K Club:


InfernalKeith: 103,610

globeron: 153,840



mizapf had a VERY close run, just a few points shy at 99,000+!!!


Our winner this month is, obviously globeron!!!! Excellent score, my friend!!! It is now your charge to select the next game and the next prize. :)



For the consolation prize, I have placed everyone's score in the following order. Tonight I will do the "drawing" for the prize.



1) sometimes99er

2) tursi

3) mizapf

4) save2600

5) Dexter

6) InfernalKeith

7) Cschneider

8) mrpink999



Including myself and the winner, globeron, that's 10 participating members of the first high score competition. :) A success, if you ask me!!!



Thank you all for playing, and congratulations again to our winner, globeron!!!



Stand by for the consolation drawing. (need to get to my regular computer with Classic99 to run the random selection program)

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Winners have been contacted... Now is a good time to start breaking out your Slik Stiks, Wicos, and CX40s, because I am betting September's game will be getting a TON of play-time.


If we can take last month's scores as an indicator of the stick skills of this community, I'd be willing to put our little group here up against the VCS and NES high score crews any time. :)


Ive been thinking about maybe making up some patches (ala 1980s Activision patches) for the TI high score club.... :)

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(Unfortunately I have not been able to reach the Munch-Man 250.00 score!)


Also I did not know it is that difficult to find a game for the competition:

(TI Invaders, Chisholm Trail, TI Toad, Jumpy, Donkey Kong, Spot Shot, Big Foot)



But I hope this one is fun, here is the game for the month:


TI-99/4A High Score Challenge

Month: September, 2015

Game: Miner2049er




Prize: (Saturday I will post it, when I am back from overseas travel)




Where to find Miner2049er ?

Supports both: Keyboard and Joysticks



A - miner2049g.bin




1. TI-99/4A and if you are an owner of the side-cart (like the picture above) just

plug and play (I do not have it). Modules mentions that no 32K is needed.


2. TI-99/4A and the Gamecart 3 (512K)

or the 2048K Games 1 modules (I need to check this), module requires 32K


3. TI-99/4A using the Extended Basic or Editor Assembler and "ASSMDS3.DSK"

(and 32K)


4 Emulator Classic99 + miner2049g.bin

(or Extended Basic or Editor Assembler and "ASSMDS3.DSK")


5 Emulator JS99er.net >> Select "more" > "Miner2049er"

or select > Games > Gamecart 3 (512K) > 2 > option "L"


6 V9T9 Emulator + miner2049g.bin

(or Extended Basic or Editor Assembler and "ASSMDS3.DSK")


7 MESS/MAME Emulator


8 TI-994W Emulator


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Continue the thread. I will update the first post to reflect history of the competition.


Unless you guys see a compelling reason to have a new thread every month... Either way. :)



I thought with ONE thread, we could go back and see the history, who scored what on what game, etc.


Looking forward to playing some Miner... Been probably 5 years since I have hooked it up. :)

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Edit Classic99.ini file

and add the bold blue lines inside the .ini file (so that Miner2049er is in the User Module selection)

(or user usercartXX, where XX = 10 to 99)


For Classic99





; *** Miner2049er - works

name="Miner 2049er"



This would not work for me in classic99.ini file.


I had to change the rom0=g to rom1=g as shown below. Otherwise I would just get a blank screen with a loud beep and it would freeze up.


; *** Miner2049er
name="Miner 2049er"
Edited by Cschneider
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