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Custom Atari Arcade Stick


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Hi Guys,


Those that have been in chat with me probably know about my little project. Creating an Arcade stick for the Atari 2600.


Here is the most recent photograph, unstained, unpainted, but working. I left two screws off the joystick mount because I was too lazy to put them in for this test.


I've got a Sanwa JLF and a Sanwa 30mm button. There is a switch on the side that allows you to invert the joystick directions. That way you can turn the whole thing 180 degrees and use the joystick on the left and button on the right.



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If you fill it up with sand it would be an immovable fixture in your house- kinda like your bathroom sink! If you ever decide to sell your home it'd have to remain where its at, but the good news is that the upgrade might increase the value of your home. One can only hope...


On the serious side- I like the feature of the switch for right-handed play :)

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