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Another HARD code recovered - and expanded :) W3D...


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here is another big junk of code I have recovered from the HARD source code archive Tamas Bene sent to me few months ago.


This one took longest as I tried to understand everything so I can rebuild it and expand it... As my time is limited for another full Arsantica 3 demo yet... I yesterday decided to release this for you to play around...


take a joystick... it runs on PAL Atari 800 XL with 64k... so no 130xe or 320kb needed.


let me know what you could imagine to build a game out of it... (no moving sprites please).






Tamas Bene/HARD for engine

Heaven/DSR multitexture, optimisations etc.





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the orange bar was only testing I I can remember how to make missles transparent over mode9. ;)




I was thinking of combining my battle engine of Beyond evil with the 3d engine. so you see monsters as spots on a player/missle map while in real view they are unvisible. when spotting a encounter battle begins (different screen like in Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest).

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heaven: could you describe in more words on what type of atari did you load this demo? how it's configured, which medium you used?

i have informations that it works on altirra 2.70-x, and does not work on anything else (older altirras, ANY real atari).

i've tested it on my ataris (on differend memory/os/system configurations, even under xbios), also on pinokios atari in many more configuratios, from hdd, from sio2sd, in ultra or normal transmission and - all this without luck...


what i have to do to test this on real atari? what version of os i should use (i tried every one i have)? what medium type i should use (sio2sd in normal mode works exactly the same as 1050, so...)?


what is the reason that this file has segments prepared to load in unusual memory addresses ($d800 AIR)?


btw. this is my first post on this forum, 9 years after registration ;)

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It does not look like it has any chances to work, if the loader does not copy the ROM contents to the RAM underneath. The first thing this program does is this:

       BEQ L0602
L0606: LDA #$FE
       STA PORTB

The code at the label L0606 disables the ROM without first copying its contents into RAM. So, on the vast majority of loaders/DOS-es/whatever, it must hang during loading.


Thanks to voy for disassembling this piece of art.

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Aaaahhh.... Sorry. Did some quick hacks to load data under rom with Altirra as HARD uses normally their own loader.... My fault. Altirra makes it easy to load below OS data. Simply switch off rom and then it's own loader works and puts data there.

Edited by Heaven/TQA
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let me know what you could imagine to build a game out of it... (no moving sprites please).

Why no moving "sprites" ? Would it be that problematic to add the missiles, in a "spherical shape" ?


You know, they were the gosts of bad soldiers, attacking you ;)



Also, you could do a fixed shape using the missiles and also the players , while rotating the scene.


you guys simply need more ideas ;)

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MK... Because no time to implement moving objects.... I guess NRV has no moving enemies, too.

You wouldn't need to implement "moving objects" , just to add fixed objects on the screen and move them left and right. Up dand down is not needed.

Project-M uses "256" colours...


And, as you might have realized already. The demo is that quick , even with no special opcodes used.


So, there is "cpu space" ;-)

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But enemies sprites would need proper masking and scaling while moving in realtime so I thought something clever but nice idea.

No, they won't really need masking ;)


1. They were just "shine through shapes", so , what's behind, doesn't matter.

2. The relative position and the width of a path, should be stored in the engine itself. Moving the "enemies" in relation of that should be possible.

3. for black borders you could use 2 players



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