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I worked on the celery show episode 2 some more. Some of the work was unnecessary because I put in the new code between some old gosub code and it screwed up the game. So a lot of the time was spent trying to figure out why it wasn't playing correctly. But now it is. In this little span, Mr. Celery hides from the vegetarians who are after them in a garbage truck. After the vegetarians run away still trying to get the celery, the garbage truck's cab comes and it drives off, with Mr. Celery inside. Of course, I'm not even at the 2.5 minute mark and I'm already dipping into bank 4. It's now a 32k program with 3,329 bytes left in bank 4. I just ordered a couple of games for my Sega Game Gear. I am getting Itchy & Scratchy and Side Pocket. Yay.

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