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I'm looking for Atari ST HDDRIVER, I'm not getting any where with ParanoidLittleMan drivers, Sorry about that ParanoidLittleMan. I want to see if the Atari Megafile SH205 works with the official drivers before I go into the Megafile.

Official driver would be only AHDI - and you can even DL it for free on my WEBsite (latest version). Everything other is not official.

Of course, all above means not, that official is best. So, I'm not sure what you really want.

Surely that my driver is not designed for some SH205 or Megafile. If it works not with AHDI, then will not

work with any driver.

Btw. it's not all about driver. More important is partitioner program. Basically that's is for what I ask money.

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That did the trick the AHDI found the Atari hardware but it couldn't ID the hard drive it's most like DEAD too bad, I was hoping it would be in working order so I can see what was software installed on a $700.00 80's hard drive. ;)


@ PP when I use your software I do get the busy light flashing, I'm going to check out the latest version of AHDI.

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Tried ICD Pro?

Yes, I have! :| But no luck! :sad:

I do need to update this!

I have been emailing best electronics, I do have a new MFM drive from them but it seem that my SH205 Motherboard is bad :sad: so I'm in need of a working SH205/Megafile 20 Motherboard. If anyone has one I'll be more than happy to take it off your hands! :waving:

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Have you bought PP's partioner and driver? If he's saying it should work then just buy it, it really is the best driver imo, unless you want to spend 44 euros on the driver from seimet? PP's driver is much better for games running from HDD, and is both fast and reliable.

Yes I have. ;)

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