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SuperCharger games...better Pac Man & Asteroids?


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I've always wondered what Pac Man and Asteroids would have been like on the SuperCharger.


Any ideas?

DINTAR816's new Pac-Man 4K actually does run on a Supercharger!

Since the Supercharger has 2K more, the answer to your question would be something between DINTAR816's Pac-Man 4K and his Pac-Man 8K.

Here is the Supercharger audio file of DINTAR816's Pac-Man 4K:

Pacman2600_4K mp3.zip

(To play it in emulation or Harmony cart, find the binary in the forum.)


Meteroids (black) is the prototype of Suicide Mission and is hacked to be black and white and it is closest to Asteroids, but was changed to Suicide Mission because it was too similar to Asteroids.

Here is the binary of Supercharger Meteoids (black) for emulation or Harmony Cart. To play on a real Supercharger, you will need to convert it to audio using bin2wav.


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Can the Supercharger load in any rom on an Atari 2600 as long as it's been converted to a wave file?

Only 2K games, and 4K games that don't hit the 2 bankswitch locations.

(All of those that failed have been altered by Nukey Shay to avoid bankswitching.)

Except for Supercharger games, there are no 6K games.

Hundreds of fun games are 2K or 4K.

You can find online all the sound files for all the games that work on the Supercharger.

I thought it was cool that a great version of Pac-Man with cut scenes in 4K just came about and can work on the Supercharger.

I'd still like to make a box and cassette like The Official Frogger to show what could have been.


Many great games are 8K or larger and can't fit in the Supercharger's 6K RAM.


P.S. Any sound format works, they don't have to be WAV. MP3's are more reliable if the bitrate is a little higher than the standard 128kbps rate. I have them all in a playlist on my phone and can play them into the Supercharger.

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