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Please Lock** (possibly for sale soon) Atari Games and LHE Modded Vader


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Hey guys,


I might be selling my Atari games due to a Atari Vader console having the LHE Video Mod right channel not working properly. There is sound coming from it but it's very low. Depending on which way I go with this, the following games may be available along with the system too.


The rarities are posted to the right of each game.



Red label
Mouse Trap 3
Midnight Magic 3
Crossbow 2
Solaris 2
Donkey Kong Jr. 4

Silver label
Atari Video Cube 7
Battle Zone 2
Centipede 2
Crystal Castles 2
Joust 2
Jungle Hunt 2
Kangaroo 2
Mario Bros. 4
Moon Patrol 2
Sword Quest fire world 1

Taz (end label needs adhesive) 4
Vanguard 2

Barnstorming 2
Chopper Command 2
Dragster 2
Grand Prix 2
Ice Hockey 2
Keystone Kapers 2
Pitfall II 4
River Raid 2
Seaquest 2
Sky Jinks 2
Spider Fighter 2
Stampede 2

Activision Blue Label
Ice Hockey 3
Kaboom! 3
Keystone Capers 3
Pitfall! 3
River Raid 3

Activision White Label
Space Shuttle 6

Coleco Games
Carnival 2
Donkey Kong 1
Mouse Trap 2
Venture 2

Parker Bros.
Super Cobra 3
Frogger 1
Q bert 2
Reactor 2
Tutankham 3

California Games 4
Sea Hunt 4
Task Force (with space shuttle label underneath) 4
Winter Games 4

M.A.D. 4
Commando raid 2
Gopher 4
Squeeze Box 4

M network
Kool Aid Man 4

DragonFire 2
Firefighter 3
Shootin' Gallery 5

20th Century Fox
Revenge of the Beef Steak Tomatoes 4
Turmoil 3

Wabbit 4

Spectra Video
Planet Patrol 3

CBS Video Games
Gorf 3

Black background Carts
51 Blackjack 3
Air Sea Battle 2
Asterioids 1
Berzerk 1
Breakout 2
Circus Atari 2
combat 2
GunSlinger 3
Haunted House 2
Missle Command 1
Pac-Man 1
Street Racer 2
Video Olympics 2

Data Age
Frankensteins Monster 5
Journey Escape 2

Vid tec
Space Jockey 2


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