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5200 has low sound


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I have a two port system that has had some work done to it. The original rf cable broke and it was replaced with a female coax cable before I ever got the system. I was never able to get a good picture so I replaced it with a regular video cable and the picture improved to pretty good with some adjustment to the pot. Unfortunately a screw connecting one of the voltage regulators to the heat sink was missing so I attempted to find a replacement screw and instead I damaged to voltage regulator. So I got a replacement regulator and a correct sized screw from Best Electronics and I had a friend solder the new regulator in.


The system now works, but I do get some corrupted graphics for half a minute or so until I presume the system heats up and then it works fine. The sound is also really low. I really cannot remember if the sound was low before. I think it was normal because I think I would have noticed it before, but maybe not. I have tried adjusting that red thing that sticks up to no effect. Could a capacitor be bad? I would think that would cause the sound to not work at all, but I really do not know. There also seems to be a small bit of rust or corrosion on the pokey chip (as long as the pokey is the bottom left large chip). My friend thinks it could be due to what looks to be water damage on the board.


The board also looks like it has been modified before. There are some wires on the board that do not look original, but I could be wrong on that point too.


Anybody have any suggestions on what the problem could be and hopefully a fix to the problem?

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I think they are Styrene capacitors, very inexpensive and easily replaced. Make sure your audio adjustment isnt broken or loose as well, the tall red cylinder on the motherboard under the hole in the top shielding. If damaged or improperly adjusted that can cause audio issues too.

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