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Spawnshop's Collection


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Spawnshop's Atari 2600 Collection:

Boxed 4-Switch Woody with paddles and controllers:




Sears Tele-games Heavy Sixer with paddles, controllers, and original AC adapter:


4-switch Woody (will be modified for AV, pause and LED:


Vader 4-Switch console (needs some TLC):


Games CIB:



Loose games and binder:



My original Activision Patches that I earned back in '84-'85


And my cell :) :


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It's cool that you still have your patches. That's something that definitely can't be duplicated today.


Thanks! Yeah, I've had them this whole time. The 3 dirty ones I actually had on my bag during art school too.

I wish i still had the letters with them.

Part of me wants to collect the rest of the patches, but I should earn the score first....LOL.

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So I finally got my CIB 4-Switch woody system, and to my surprise, it works through the RF port on my HDTV on Channel 2!!

The system needs a little cleaning, the reset switch is a bit glitchy, but it's awesome!

I've also added some games to my collection....will update pics soon.

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Yeah, he means that ones that I have actually earned back when I was a kid. Those are the 4 that I have.

Never bought any through ebay.


Sorry to derail. I read "That's something that definitely can't be duplicated today." and thought he meant duplicating the patches. :)

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Yeah, i'd really like to get a regular Heavy Sixer now. I wanted one, and the Sears was a good price. Wasn't the first one wanted, but now that I have it in hand, I really like it.

I'm the opposite now :lol: I have all of the Atari branded 2600's but none of the Sears models. There is something about the walnut grain veneer that is cool looking.

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My only Heavy is a Sears Tele-Games model. I've been able to pick up an adapter, paddles and driving controller for it: http://atariage.com/forums/gallery/album/1475-accessories/


The last thing I'm looking for is a Tele-Games Center to house it all in and complete the set. Then, I'll start my quest on a regular Atari Heavy Sixer.

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