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Dunno where to post this 4th stuff...


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That is actually TI Forth. The boot program has been renamed from FORTH to TE4TH, It is a terminal emulator program written in TI Forth to make it easier for BBSers BITD to download TI Forth blocks (screens, in TI Forth parlance) directly to TI Forth disks. IMHO this would not be worth converting to fbForth or TurboForth because of its specialized nature. Here is the information block (block #2—or what should be block #2—see below):


TE4TH is a Terminal Emulator for the
FORTH user who wants to download text
or FORTH screens from BBS's or other
compatible computers.
TE4TH was written by me, and is given
to the public domain as FREEWARE with
no restrictions. To get a copy of it,
send me an initialized SSSD diskette
and self-addressed mailer and $5
and I will send you a bootable TE4TH,
source included, and some other FORTH
goodies. Future enhancements are in
the works.
Ken Caruthers
3537 Faberge Way
Sacramento, CA. 95826


I could not get TE4th to work. It appears to be attempting to load the wrong startup block. Actually, I looked at it a little closer and it appears that, when TE4th loads the startup block (block #3), it is actually loading what should be block #4, line 12. Something is screwy with that disk image.



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