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The Bitchy Witchy (DEAD) game project


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Hello dear Atari fellaz,

today I decided to uncover one of my dead projects called The Bitchy Witchy.

It supposed to be point and click adventure like you have never seen (and never will) on our 8-bit Atari, but this project was too huge and it required too much time spend on coding that I had to abandon it. There were couple of great pieces of code but yet still it required some generic engine that could run the game and it was (is) beyond my knowledge (just kidding - it is not)... let's say it is against common sense to spend so many hours coding game for our beloved yet barely living platform. (I know I already broke this "rule" when RR was on fire and after it got released I said I will never spend that much time on coding Atari game ever - and it was in 2012 so I became much more experienced in coding than back in 2007).


So, most of work was done in 2007 and there were also some additional tries to upraise the living dead in 2008, but without success, it was also time when I was finishing my diploma project and my student times went over.


All the beautiful pictures were painted by Vladimir Vostenak a.k.a. kozyca a.k.a. wow... using g2f editor. Later I co-worked with Vladimir on Summertime demo and Citoplazma demo.


Here you can see the game introduction where Vladimir also took care of music:


The Bitchy Witchy intro.xex


As you can see, it was AAA quality stuff ;), English was a bit weak, but not as much as the zero wing.

As I am browsing trough the pictures and old emails I'm feeling so much nostalgia, I'm really sad we could not make this project alive, because there were so so many screens and assets prepared... and they were excellent!

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Ofc I have more stuff...


Title screen draft :



Here are images from game locations:



Chat window gfx:



Outro pics:



I will also write article on my blog that will be more "behind the scenes" like..

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Ah I see. This is about an unfinished computer game. When I saw the topic title, I thought it might have been about an old girlfriend I used to have. :P

I did not realize it till now, but whole project could be result of subconsciousness... because I also had such girlfriend.

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