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For the longest time, I had my SNES Mini sitting in my room not being used at all. Well, last night I decided to try it. I looked all over for the power cord and I couldn't find it. Well, I found it. It was being used in my Virtual Boy. So I found out my SNES doesn't work quite right. It only powers on when it chooses to, making games a little bit difficult to play. So anyway, I played Frogger last night. Frogger was the last SNES game ever released, in 1998. I had always wanted SNES Frogger for my collection, and found it a few years ago. Well, it's hard as hell. Half of the time was spent dying because I thought I had reached the frog's home, only to turn out dying because it's so narrowly programmed. Bad job of programming. Otherwise, Frogger is its normal self. I can't get past level 3, though. Oh, and the updated graphics looks like a job the NES could handle. Someone inputted a whole bunch of drawings that looked like they were scanned (like the Get Ready sign a frog is holding picture.) The credits show David Lubar programmed this. And it doesn't save your highest score, even when it's good enough to overtake last place's computer scoring placeholder. What? The SNES should have the capability to do so. I guess Majesco wanted this game done on the cheap so they forwent the battery save. Which seems odd, since most 1997 games have a battery save. Like Kirby's Dream Land 3. I replayed this last night. It's OK except the boss fights are too hard. So anyway, here's what I need to finish 1997. I doubt I'll be able to find (afford) Harvest Moon and Lost Vikings 2. So I need NBA Live 98, NHL 98 and Casper. And, apparently, another SNES console.

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