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Cave - Colecovison Homebrew


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Hello all,


I just started to learn coding for colecovision. i start with a little game in ascii text. Very simple mais so hard for me. I'll never coding before.


The Rules :

The rules are simple : walking trough a randomize maze to collect treasures, but beware to monster.

I know the game play is not really interresting, and graphics are poor but for learning it's Sufficient.


Check Here For the video for the beta version 2



--> HERE


In a randoming maze, you try to get the best score as you can while you've got action points,
but some events are coming disturb your progression.
On the upper left SCORE is your current score
On the upper middle POTION is the number owned potion. Notice you can't carrying more than 9 potions
On the upper Right ACTION is your action points. You start with 50 action points in the beginning.
Use Joystick at LEFT for going to West direction, RIGHT for going to East Direction, UP to going to North direction and BOTTOM to going to South Direction..
NOTICE each move cost you 1 action points.
USE Right Button when you want to use a potion, in this case you can save 20 action points.
Use Left Button on main screen to display the map.
SPIDER : When you meet the spider, you loose 100 score points and 10 action points
BATS : You meet bats when you haven't reach the bonus chest, you lost 200 score points
ROBBER : The robber robs you half of your score points
KNIGHT : The kignht robs you half your pts and hide all items founded
DRAGON : The dragon down your score at 0 points
JEWEL : Bonus 500 points
POTION : Bonus 200 points and save 20 actions points when used.
CHEST : Bonus 2000 points
The game ending when your action point reach 0.




Implemented :

  • Room design
  • Meeting spiders
  • Find a potion to cure when spides bytes you
  • Increase/decrease score
  • increase/decrease number of potion
  • Numbered point of action
  • Ending game and highscore
  • Meeting the dwarf (he stole half of yout point)
  • Metting a Knight
  • Meeting a Dragon (score at zero)
  • Finding Jewel for more points
  • Finding chest for a lot of points
  • Meeting some bats, when you dont reach the chest)
  • Add condition to reach a chest - Give up
  • Add rolling effect on display scoring
  • Modify display room in game (Working and avialable for beta 2)
  • Displaying the map's maze (avialable for beta 2)

Doesn't Work actually:

  • Bugs on refresh screen (sometime)


For later :

  • Two mode game Arcade (randomizing maze and events), and aventure (fix mazes and events). - Give up
  • Maybe anothers ideas.



22/10/15 : Today updating gameplay. Ascii events are give up. but surprise ! Wait for Beta 3.

10/10/15 : New events in the maze, meeting the knight (available in beta version 3)

01/10/15 : Update lasted video on you tube and update Version Beta 2

26/09/15 : Displaying map's maze and change mobs moving.

19/09/15 : New display room sequence working

14/09/15 : Modifiy display room (avialable for Beta 2).

09/09/15 : Adding rolling effect on display scoring

05/09/15 : Adding How to play

31/08/15 : Add ascii art for bats, review gameplay, tests before version beta aviable early in september.

26/08/15 : New ascii art for the dragon; robber, jewel and spider and chest treasure implented

22/08/15 : Jewel, dragon and dwarf are implemented.

21/08/15 : Ending game with highestscore, point action before ending game, safe turn after meeting a monsters for the first time, idem for potion.

20/08/15 : potion's ASCII art implemented and displaying number of potion

19/08/15 : Annoncing project cave (learning coding with simple events)






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Just wanted to let you know that I made a news article covering your game available. There is a lot of interest in its continued development.



Hi triverse, i'am still working. I'd like to implemented new ascii art, sound & music. I think, I post a beta version for testing game play, and tracking some bugs.for the early september on this topic.

Thanks you

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  • 2 weeks later...

This is fun. The map screen is very helpful.


The player's point of view is always north. So four rights will not turn you in a circle, it will move you four spaces right.

South is always open. (it was for me)


The random maze is fun. The robber art is spooky.


Adventure (fixed mazes and events) mode sounds fun.


Add more monsters! :)


Magic Sword would be a good treasure. ( can only use once, no points lost from dragon )

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  • 2 weeks later...
Beta 3 soon available
The next Beta Version will be available on november 2015.
A lot of new features and game play like the Warlock and The Gobelin.
A loot system has been implemented when meeting mobs.
Game evolution, instead of randomize loot, try to remember the displaying sequence for loot items.

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Anybody have the rom for the ascii style CV homebrew "Cave", from FredtheFred in this thread:




The website he links to no longer exists. Can't find a rom on the internet after about an hour search. Kind of weird, his last twitter tweet from 2 years ago says "website is down but will be back up soon."


If not, I've have to try to contact FredtheFred, Last Active Nov 11 2015.



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