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Ways of running Exe files without turn off and on Atari Again.


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Is there a easy way to run exe files without turning Atari off and on again. I mean the reset button doesn always work in that way does it ?


Heres a examplle, lets say i have several pictures that are all exe files, so i want to show these pictures on my Atari one after the other without turning off and on the Atari for

each picture. Can this be done without Hardware like The Cart and mods ?. Is it possbile to use one of the Dos versions like Mydos or Spartados in this manner, At least

using reset between each picture without the need for turning off and on the Atari Computer ?

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yes and no. There is more than one way to make a program completely reset-proof. In Basic one can use the Poke 580,1 to do a coldstart (reboot) after Reset is pressed. In ML, there is a short routine that does the same - but it does not always work (some programs simply restart, some will crash the computer, some show garbage and what not)...


You can use this short routine with all ML programs you like, just put it into the program data-segments somewhere (e.g. at the start, at the end, in the middle, etc.) by using copy+append. Lets say for example you have a program with data-segment (start-end adress) $2000-5A5A and RUN adress $3000. The ML routine uses $0244-0244, so you can put it before the data segment $2000-5A5A or right after it or even after the RUN adress. (Tip: Use copy+append under DOS or simply use A8 or PC Superpacker to load additional ML segments into a program.)


Another possible option would be to use a gamedos, that does a coldstart when Reset is pressed, e.g. MyPicoDOS by HiasSoft. And another option I sometimes use is to pack the program with Code3-Cruncher; when a program is reset-proof and the simple Poke 580 ($0244) routine does not work, often after packing with C3C the program is NOT reset-proof anymore or suddenly the Poke580 routine works with the C3C packed program...


Of course you can also add an alternative OS to your A8 and then a magical keypress (e.g. Shift+Reset or Select+Reset, etc.) does a coldstart. And there is also the option to add a coldstart-button to the A8, see attachment Kaltstart.zip...


Good programmers (not me!) surely know several other ways...


P.S.: As an example I also attach the "something to see here" pics. by IvoP here - they are all packed with Superpacker/Exomizer and they all contain this short Poke580 routine. Boot the disk, choose a file to view and then press Reset to reboot... EDIT: uploaded a new version with correct gamedos.




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Using Mypicodos works good for me, Its compitable with mydos, so i did make 16 mb Mydos image with Makeatr, and put lots of pictures i exe format,then using Sio2SD

and Mypicodos as D1 and the 16 MB mydos as D2, Now i can watch the wonderful pictures without turning off an on Atari again. only need reset. I think it worked with

almost all pictures. Watched on CRT Screen. Great Art. :)

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The XL/XE doesn't use Antic's reset NMI input. It was used on the 400/800 but they discovered that it wouldn't work if the CPU locked up.


This means a hardware device could use this input to force a particular action. It could be a reset or something else. Hmm... Could be useful for making a break-in for a monitor program.

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