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Here's a WIP - figured the a8 section has enough of them (waves at Fairlight!) so why not?


This one is utterly unplayable because I've not patched the joypad in yet, also has some palette issues, but it looks promising... it's been a while since I did one of these but it's slowly coming back to me!







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I played this game quite a lot on the Atari 8-bit but it was too hard for me even with the Freezer codes for unlimited shots, steps, etc. I figured out. Never played the ST version so when the JoyPad starts working I certainly give it a go.



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Did it come with one of the Silica Shop bundles?

Hmmm, not the thing we got... I think ours was the Super Pack or Summer Pack (which ever had Test Drive and Black Lamp). Maybe this game was on an early menu, I'm just drawing a blank.


Weird, I just googled and a post of Atari Forum suggested what I had was the Super Pack... and this game was part of it and on a disk with Xenon... but... nothing... and I only really remember playing Xenon from an Automation menu or something.

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Update time!


This one is quite interesting as it doesn't tie to the VBlank... instead it ties to the immediate HBL vector ($68) and reads the screen pointer address to know when to fire certain subroutines. Tricky little fecker!


Anyway, got the title screen to display....




And the intro....




And sorted the pseudo raster split for correct colours....




And got the controls working so you can play it....


But oh, don't go into the teleporter....




because you can't enter a code, or exit that screen yet!



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There's no need to understand what any of the code does (although that does help!)


It's a matter of finding:


- The VSync routine and any interrupts

- How the keyboard/joystick is scanned

- Where the raster splits are


The rest is mainly NOPs ;)


Steem Boiler Room for the win!

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Wow, I was just watching a local show on the beginnings of computer age in our little country (Slovenia, which at the time used to be Yugoslavia) the other day. One of the "gurus" that were interviewed in the documentary mentioned this game as his all time favorite and I didn't know about it.


Well, now I do. And I'm about to play it on my Jag, too :)


Thanks a bunch!

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I've no idea why they were made. The port isnt finished or even working enough to be playable.

Thanks for the info. I commented on another ST port thread about the same thing. I saw a bunch of CD cases made for some of the ST ports and couldn't find the Isos for them. Thought it was weird. The others were Mercenary, Action Fighter, Carrier Command, Slam Racer, and this one Starquake.

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