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Atari manipulator


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Hello friends!


Has anyone encountered perfect joystick?


Now I see that my daughter can't remember how she played Atari when she was 4 years old and says that D-Pad (D=Direction) is much more convenient.


But I REMEMBER !!! ...


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I got my 2600 when I was 8 or 9 and never had an issue with the cx-40 but I do like the gamepads as well, especially since when they first appeared they came with A and B buttons. I had a few different joysticks and the cx-40 was always my go to.

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Wico command control. I prefer the one with the round knob on top. Have never found a better one for the Atari. The old CX-40 used to cause muscle strain in my hands, couldnt even hold a beer after a few hours playtime. My old Wico has stood up to over 20 years of use, and aside from a cleanup every few years it still marches on.

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Here's a poll that I made before regarding joysticks: 8-bit Joystick Poll


My personal favorites are (in no particular order):

CX-40 - Overall good gaming stick

CX-24/Proline - Good for games that require little or no use of buttons

500XJ - Another low button use stick for me

TAC-2 - All around and Pac-Man type game favorite

Competition Pro - Good all around stick

Genesis Gamepad - Good for some platformers

Star-Cursor - Very nice arcade style stick


Here's the Star-Cursor, for those who aren't familar:


post-6369-0-28478500-1440258747_thumb.jpg post-6369-0-41296100-1440258765_thumb.jpg


post-6369-0-50254600-1440258775_thumb.jpg post-6369-0-97752600-1440258783_thumb.jpg

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I never used original Competition Pro. Sorry.


Recently I bought a copy of Competition Pro stick.

It's so hard to move that I can't understand how a little child can control system.


Now I bought 3 Cheetah Annihilator (it's grey 130XE style) with the purpose to make one working :-D


Anyway I can't find right engineering solution for technologically perfect stick.


Yes, it must be anti-vandal solution.

It must be accurate and easy-to-work.

May be reed switch or something like this...


Really we need new modern sticks.

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Hello 576XE


The footpads should be fairly accurate, since it's just a bunch of buttons/switches. You can choose which button is left, right, up or down IIRC. You have to take off your shoes, but otherwise it should be pretty bulletproof. And probably a little acid proof too. :D






PS maybe ABBUC still has some left.

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