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What are the hardest PC games? (article)


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A few games on his list I would consider hard but playable, in other words you make progress. Some of those others are turds where you simply beat your head on a board repeatedly until it breaks or your skull is split and your brains spew all over the floor.


I don't tolerate hard games anymore that are stupidly hard on purpose where repetitous memorization is key and nothing else. Volgar is one of them, I regretfully helped kickstart that piece of crap. I was expecting Rastan where you can make some progress but got something worse. Something unplayable unless you spend ungodly amounts of repetitious time with it. I consider myself pretty good, beat most of the Mega Man games and all the NES Castlevania's but if your a developer trying to make something harder than those, all your doing is making a game thats unplayable to the rest of the population of gamers on earth.


"VVVVVV, Volgarr the Viking, Dustforce, and SpaceChem all come recommended (I don't think I ever made it past Vogarr's first stage, though)"


How the f~ck can you can recommend something where you can't even beat the 1st stage? Inanity.


Thanks for the rage this morning JamesD! :D

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