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μFLY - new Jaguar game release


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μFLY is a 50/60fps endless runner (flier?) where the aim is to survive as long as possible, and more importantly score as much as possible, before the inevitable boy-meets-wall certainty of your demise.

post-25413-0-63315500-1440284943_thumb.png post-25413-0-44200300-1440284948_thumb.png

Pass through the openings in the walls that block your path to score points. 1 successful pass = 1 point. That's not much, so collect stars to increase your score multiplier. Miss a star and your multiplier resets to x1 :( But you can chain star collections for higher and higher multipliers, up to 9x. Also, you can collect and store up to 3 hearts - these are used as lives for your multiplier and will be consumed when you fail to collect a star when your multiplier is higher than 1x - this keeps it from resetting. The key to attaining large scores it to hold on to your multiplier as long as possible and chain it up and up, so hearts can be very valuable in order to retain your maximum scoring potential.


Controls: There's a helpful little guy on the title screen who will remind you occasionally, but here you go: Press B to fly higher and release to let gravity do its thing (you've played SuperFly, right?). D-pad Left and Right move your μBarry left and right. You probably won't find much use for Left and Right to begin with, but master the power of scramble-like maneuvering and nothing is impossible... but be sure that the game will test even the best players when the walls come thick and fast. If you can score over 2000 on NTSC/60 and a little more PAL/50 then you're doing really great.



Please play with a 4:3 display, there's this handy test card on boot up. The aspect ratio of the playable game area is around 3:1 - stretch that out on a 16:9 TV and it's not going to help your quest for points. Zooming on a 4:3 aspect ratio screen might be a better option if you absolutely must attempt to make use of all your TV screen real estate, but beware - sharp pixel edges like those can cut deep :0)

This is actually a 0.99 pre-release version. It's my first Jaguar game (technically 2nd ever proper game on any system) and I want to make sure it's as close to 100% as possible before any little physical release happens. With a lack of testers available, I'm asking if you can find the time to give it a play and report back any issues/thoughts/etc. via PM - that would be most welcome. As usual, we put our stuff out freely for your own private use in good faith, these binaries are hosted here on AA only and you should feel free to grab and make use of them in the spirit they are released. What makes this 0.99 and not 1.0:

Disabled high score tracking and Memory Track saving. Both function perfectly, but there might be changes and I don't want crashes due to potentially incompatible saves later down the line.
Scroller on titles indicates preview version and is not the full text with credits, info and other things that need to be said.
Graphics need a last look over, and the smaller rock layers are very new and somewhat temporary... maybe shrubs/bushes/50cent and picard drivebys would look better.

One feature I think I might possibly add (as a result of explaining the game in this post) is to give bonus score for unused hearts at game over. Seems only fair and should be trivial to sneak in.


It's been a ton of fun making my own little Jaguar game from start to very-nearly-finish (with plenty of tips/tricks/help/verbal abuse from GGN and CJ along the way). It definitely won't be my last, I know exactly what I want to begin working on as soon as this is done. After that I might even fix up Doger (my rB+ tutorial game) into a real game as there was some unexpected positive feedback from a few people whose opinions I quite value.


Made with rB+ - the BCX BASIC-to-C-to-POWA Jaguar game making suite by GGN, making use of CJ's Raptor engine and a whole lot more. Personally speaking, the best thing to happen to Jaguar since the day Hasbro opened the cage and set it free.
Audio replay/pad reading routines by Zerosquare (was using Linko's SE but took this opportunity to test the µ-law support from this one).
Music by BoXCaT Games (CC 3.0) - full and proper credits in the final, of course.
Text scroller adapted from GGN's rB+ project example (trans/overlaps/scaled).

Probably missed something/someone - sorry.







EDIT: One thing I should mention: YMMV, but I do not suggest you use an emulator to play the game as it seems to do things that upset them (quite a lot, actually).

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I like it , it could be SFDX2 :) but if i had a wish..... Pleased finished Rebooteroids ;) ....sorry for that comment..,


Maybe SFDX 0.5? :0)


I'd be interested in seeing what kinds of scores you can get on it, knowing your past history with these things.



Rebooteroids will happen. We have a quote for carts, they will be ordered very soon, so the incentive is there to design the remaining levels and test the heck out of it all.


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Nice one sh3! Is this the game you've been working on solely or a reboot overall effort? From memory won't jiffy convert abs to cd? I'll download tonight, looking forward muchly. If there is a Cd release then I'm up for that. Still waiting for you to use my music on a game though! (I've got more now should you ever need it).

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Nice one sh3! Is this the game you've been working on solely or a reboot overall effort? From memory won't jiffy convert abs to cd? I'll download tonight, looking forward muchly. If there is a Cd release then I'm up for that. Still waiting for you to use my music on a game though! (I've got more now should you ever need it).


It's my first go at a Jaguar game on my own, that's not to say I've not had lots of explanation of commands and concepts from GGN and Raptor tips from CJ, oh and the audio is CC. You can make a CD of it with JiFFI no probs.


And right now, with the game-making possibilities available, making use of your music should become easier and easier. I can beg and pray to GGN and CJ for rB+ CD-playing commands, that would not only free up a good chunk of RAM, but also lots and lots of real high quality audio streaming. I have to be careful about how much I beg and how often though, hehe... And I'd love to hear the newer stuff of yours if possible, cheers :)

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Just tested it with Virtual Jaguar GIT 20150310, it seems to run fine here. What kind of problem do you mean?

Thanks for testing and feedback. But whoa, here it runs as 30fps or less, despite claiming a rock solid 60. If I run in PAL mode, you can watch as the frames update second by second and the display shows a solid 30fps - weird! I can usually run 6 or 7 copies of VJ at full speed on this system, so it shouldn't be a computer hardware power issue. The only other thing I can think of is I set VJ to use the nvidia gpu instead of the integrated graphics, in an attempt to fix another issue I had. I left it that way, but maybe that wasn't such a good idea. I'll switch back and see if things improve.

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Made a video of the game running on my Jaguar. Seems Jaguar SCART -> XRGBmini ->Elgato -> YouTube results in a few frame drops/stutters, for a 60fps video it's not very smooth, YT did moan at me for uploading in a format it didn't like.



Click on YouTube logo to see at 60fps, embedded one will only be 30.


I actually found it difficult to play. I thought at first it was because I was recording - pressure! But no, I made it twitchier the other night to make the really tough later part of the game easier (because you fall faster and when they are very close this helps a lot), but I think I went too far the other way and it's resulted in being a bit too twitchy on the whole (basically gravity is too harsh to begin with, I set the entry point into the falling curve table too high) so I might adjust that and also ease the collision detection just a touch to keep from having to swear at the TV. And WTF RNGesus? No hearts dropped in that game at all and I lost my multiplier, bah!

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Just had a go. I found it really enjoyable, the only times I shouted at the screen were when my brain confused the fly button and dpad and I ended up in a wall. This was my own fault and not the game, which is how it should be :)


It's got a great "just one more go" feeling when you die so great replayability value too. Still loving the parallax effect too, especially on the walls.


The only possible suggestion i could think of would be to perhaps also add on a wall counter so I know how far I've got. But that's scraping the barrel really as the score also ultimately shows your progress.


Pic attached of current high score. Yes, I have some catching up to do ;)


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