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atari2600land's Blog - A page of fun (part 2)


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So I worked a little bit more on my game. A few hours later, I came up with this.

But the cool thing is, if the guy gets roasted, he'll turn red and run off screen. And then the SELECT GAME screen will come on. I think the trade-off for the sprites looking the way they do is okay. Plus, I think it's harder. Not that there's a score or anything. Now that I think I'm done with it, I'll design a manual to go along with it. Not that it's getting to be put on a cart. Or the manual is going to get printed. Just, again, something to do. Although I did get the season 1 DVD of Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, so I have that to watch. I think I'll call my game When Dinosaurs Attack. I bet "Godzilla" is trademarked.

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