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I started RL5202 Adventure II for the Atari 5200 in 2001, with Alan Davis and Raccoon Lad. It was finally published by AA in 2007. Dave Giarrusso coined the "RLxxx" numbers back when I started my first homebrew, Koffi: Yellow Kopter. So I stuck with that and will continue to use that.

I dabbled slowly with an Atari 8bit version afterwards, finally deciding to call it Adventure II XE and bumping it up to 64K and bank-switched. Perry Thuente has been of immense help with the technical challenges of the bank switching and A8-specific stuff.

Things slowed down again in September 2013 when I lost many PC files. Stuff was backed up, but not organized. Also had home repairs to take care of.

In 2015 I got a new laptop and slowly started to organize my AdvII XE stuff. So here I am in August 2015 finally compiling the code again and testing it. I hope to get AdvII done and will post some updates on this blog.

The font on both the Title and GameWin screens is a prettier one than the default Atari 5200 font I had used before. The game now tracks statistics which are shown at the conclusion of each game.

There are many, many other changes to make AdvII XE's gameplay different from the 5200 version. New bridges can be built; there is 1-button control now (hold to drop object and tap button to Manipulate a held object); and some changes to screens.

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