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SNES HSC Season 2 Round 2: TMNT IV


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Level Hard
Rest 5


Gambling is in effect see round 1 for rules.

Bonus 2 points, post a picture of artwork by one of the 4 painters. Once a painter has been selected, that painter is out. So only 4 winners of bonus points

Deadline: Monday Sept 7, 12:00 PM EST






bubufubu - 17 (gambled and won)

retrogamer - 10

donpedro - 9

jblenkle - 6

roadrunner - 4

Classicgamer - 2

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I still can't figure out how to hit shredder before you go back in time. I know your supposed to grab the emeny and heave it at him, but don't know how to do that consistently


Here is the strategy I recommend to you for that section:


1. Dash into the foot soldier to stun him (If you are playing by default settings, i.e. "Auto", then you need only to hold down left or right until your turtle starts to run. I prefer the "Manual" setting where you quickly tap left or right twice and then hold it down)


2. Move in very close and face the foot soldier


3. While he is stunned, hold down left or right on the control pad (depending on which direction you are facing) and press Y (attack button) at the same time


If you are grabbing him by the leg and slamming him, then you are not holding down the directional pad. If you perform a weapon attack, then that means that you weren't quick enough in your execution. The foot soldier has to be stunned in order to be thrown.


Hope that helps. Cheers.

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I'm gonna do another bonus


2 points

Since TMNT IV is theoretically possible to score exactly 1 point
Post another game that isn't a TMNT game where it is possible to score exactly 1 point, and by this I mean a game over where your score is exactly 1


you can do either bonus but not both

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