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help with Pong AC adapter


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I have a Hanimex 888g (MPS-7600-001) Pong game that works on batteries but not with an AC adapter. I'm not sure if its the correct AC adapter other than the voltage is right and the connector fits.


The game is marked DC 9v and the AC adapter output is labeled 9v DC 200mA.

My voltmeter actually reads 16v from the AC adapter. Is that normal?

Is 200mA enough?

Could the game be damaged internally?



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try testing the power of the adapter under load if you can ... it will most likely drop to the 9 volts required


200mA seems to be fairly standard size for them old Pong consoles ... if anything the power supply would get very warm if the Amperage draw was greater than what the Amperage rating of the brick

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Thanks guys. Another thing is I bought a cheep ac adapter (DC9v 1000mA) on ebay. My volt meter read exactly 9v but it broke immediately after plugging it into the game. I'm guessing it wasn't a good AC adapter. My old AC adapter still works so now I'm thinking that the game power input isn't working. I'm going to try connecting the old AC adapter directly to the batter connections.

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AC adapter works through the battery connectors. I found out the game DC input requires ring-positive and tip-negative. The AC adapter output was tip-positive and ring-negative. So it turned out to be a polarity issue and the game DC input does work with the old DC9v 200mA AC adapter (polarity reversed).

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