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Please help - Atari 1040STF don't working

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Hello everybody!

I'm novice and bought on Ebay Atari 1040STF.
Computer successfully earned, but after 2 hours of fun has stopped working.
After power up I see the 'blue screen' (photo attached) and floppy drive is silent, keyboard does not react.
I checked power supply, voltage +5 and +12 is ok.

I'm shocked and don't know what the problem(((

Please give me instructions for how to diagnose the problem.

p.s. sorry for my english



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So, I found two problems.
* Blue screen - broken SCART cable, no signal for red color
** Atari still boot, if swing a video connector (up/down)ю

Maybe micro crack on PCB (I do not know how to check it...)


About capacitors on PSU, they need to be replaced

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